Our Ambition

Our Ambition

our ambition

A name, Amzad Ali Miah, had spent most of his life to collaborate with people by his heart. Today he is a history but he left beautiful illuminated glory. Today we want to cherish his memory. And it is a numerous respect to his memory. The “Amzad Ali Memorial Foundation” is an ongoing effort to keeping him alive. We stand beside our poor people to assist them in this society.

Now we want to include a few vision and activities of Late Mr. Amzad Ali Miah from his own written diary:

In 1949 I passed in the union council election as the president. I had led 9 years continuously as the president of union council. In 1962 again I elected in the union council election as the chairman. The district council election had been light out in 1965. I participated in this election. I was successful in this election too. I was appointed as the chairman of union council and I was appointed as a member of district council till 1970. Besides the above social activities in my life I was a juror in the Mymensingh judge court from 1948 to 1962. At a time I was the secretary general of “Payari High School” from 1950 to 1970. I was an honorable member of managing committee of “Phulpur High School” and at that time I had to maintain the total management of this school. In 1962 I started a girl’s school in Phulpur. Primarily I started the school from class one to class six. After starting this school I developed the school gradually till class ten and then I took retirement from this school in 1970. At that time I constructed a boarding for the girls. Besides these activities I constructed a few mosques such as the Amuakanda Bazaar Mosque, the Phulpur Bus-stand Mosque, the Payari High School Mosque and the last one was Phulpur Bazaar Mosque.” [In a shortage]

Our main intention is to educate the poor people and to give them health services free of charge.


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