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I am currently in 1st year student of H.S.C. Higher mathematics Statistics difficult. If the practice of Status – science can better? (By Mr. Monsur Sarker)


Answer LogoThanks for your questions about static.Here is some suggestions for you.If you follow these,you will be benefited.
1. You have to keep in mind that nothing is impossible for a student .you must be able to do well in static(math) as others do.
2. When you start doing (work out) a chapter, you must read out the chapter thoroughly,Separate all the formula and underline the important findings.
3. You can start doing a chapter with all the example first(but not doing exercise), I think , you will note down(keep side note) of the formula that is considered doing this example(you may use color pen),than you start doing the relevant exercise.
4. You must draw a clear image of the relevant problem as the first step of thinking and similar the formula with the problem first.
5. You must shorten the answer of a problem as mush as possible using the basic calculation only and reach the answer avoiding unnecessary description.
6. You can arrange as many books of different writer as possible for practicing the relevant chapter and collect the easiest method which you like most. can use separate loose sheet, can keep folder for each subject and separate file for each chapter of a subject.
8. At the top of your file of a chapter of static (such as parallel forces) ,you can mark up the number distribution of the chapter which generally found based on the previous year exam questions.suppose,1 question bearing 5 marks is allotted for this chapter,that is,(1*5)=5 or, (2*5)=10. I thing this system will increase your confidence about this chapter.
9. You must practice maths almost every day at least one time.
10. When you are unable to understand any critical portion,you can take help from your teacher or any experienced person.
11. You must be attentive to your class and listen to your teachers lecture carefully.
12. Finally you can keep a diary to note down the basic formula chapter-wise and take a look at the leisure time.

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